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PU Javta inside panel known as green material, friendly with the environment, ensure safety for human health. Because of the preeminent properties of the product, PU panel is also known with other names such as insulation PU panel, fire protection PU panel.

PU Javta inside panel is produced on modern and advanced European technology automatic production lines, 100% synchronized. Fire retardant chemicals and active ingredients imported from Europe ensure uniform quality for output products


PU Javta inside panel is made up of 3 layers including 2 layers of corrugated iron/stainless steel/aluminum outside and PU core insulated inside.

PU panel is composed of 3 solid layers
PU panel is composed of 3 solid layers

First layer: Corrugated iron/ stainless steel/ aluminum

The outer layer of the insulate PU JAVTA panel is the base layer of zinc/ aluminum zinc or stainless steel/ aluminum. This layer is corrugated and sprayed with PE film helps prevent scratches, protects the inner PU core. At the same time, this outer layer is also effective against outdoor radiation rays, avoid bad impacts from the environment outside.

Second layer: PU core

PU (Polyurethane) is one of the best sound and heat insulation materials available today
PU (Polyurethane) is one of the best sound and heat insulation materials available today
  • PU, also known as Polyurethane is a polyurethane compound made up of Polyol, isocyanate, foaming, catalysts,…These compounds are mixed together with a dedicated high-pressure sprayer creates a super light, odorless foam.
  • PU core with thickness from 50mm – 200mm, low water absorption rate (0.74%) increases waterproof ability, durability and impact resistance.
  • The PU layer is nearly “immune” to many inorganic and organic chemicals.

Third layer: Corrugated iron/ stainless steel/ aluminum


Simulation how to assemble PU Javta inside panel
Simulation how to assemble PU Javta inside panel


  • Good sound and heat insulation

The product has 3 layers of 2 corrugated iron, the thick PU layer disperses the sound when entering. The panels are fitted tightly together to limit the ingress of sound. The PU baffle is soundproof, reducing noise up to 27.5dB.

Inside PU panel Javta is capable of soundproofing up to 27.5dB
Inside PU panel Javta is capable of soundproofing up to 27.5dB

The micro-sized PU particles are heat-linked, helps maintain room temperature, minimize heat loss.

  • Effective against fire spread

Tight coupling, PU core withstands high temperatures. Heat resistant up to 700°C. Therefore, the product can isolate a fire, prevent fire spread, prolong fire prevention time.

  • Safe, friendly with the environment

PU JAVTA panel is manufactured on modern and advanced automatic European technology line. Imported chemicals and active ingredients ensure quality, does not contain carcinogens. Safe products for builders and users.

  • Easy construction, cost saving

PU JAVTA panel has a lightweight construction, large effective size. When making the inside panel, the design and spatial arrangement does not require many support columns. Tight coupling makes installation and construction easy, save construction time.

The process of transporting PU panel is simple and fast
The process of transporting PU panel is simple and fast

Using PU JAVTA insulation helps to save energy costs for air conditioners and cooling fans.

  • Ensuring high aesthetics

The PU baffle is shaped with high precision. Screw-concealed couplings with a variety of color palettes increase the aesthetics. Ability to create waves, grooves or flat depending on the requirements of each project.

  • High product life, great durability

The surface of the product is easy to clean. The PU foam layer is not disintegrated and is not moldy. Products have a lifespan of up to 50 years.


Ordinal number Classify Unit Method Result
1 Basic structural components Corrugated iron/stainless steel/aluminum+PU

+corrugated iron/stainless steel/aluminum

First layer (Steel)
2 Corrugated board thickness mm 0.35/0.40/0.45/0.50/0.55/0.60
3 Corrugated iron color According to the company’s color chart
4 Galvanized background corrugated iron/aluminum zinc JIS G3312-G3322 standard
5 Coefficient of thermal conductivity w/m°C 7194-2000 0,028
6 Product size mm 1152mm
7 Effective size mm 1130mm
Second layer (PU)
8 PU proportion kg/m³ Vietnam standard 187-1986 40±3
9 Moisture absorption rate % Vietnam standard 359-70 0,38
10 Soundproofing ability dB Average frequency of the octave band 27,5
11 Load capacity kg/cm² JAVTA technical standards 3,8
12 Water absorption rate % Vietnam standard 6530 0,74
13 PU layer thickness mm JAVTA technical standards 30/40/50/75/100/120/150/200
Third layer Corrugated iron/stainless steel/aluminum


PU JAVTA insulation panels have high applicability. Products are used as partitions for many types of projects.

  • Use in cold storage, freezer storage
  • Use in clean room, specialized operating room, construction management room
  • Construction of factories, textiles, electronics, medicine, food…
  • Used as cold storage panel doors, clean room panel doors…
Panel PU was used as a laboratory
Panel PU was used as a laboratory
Panel PU has been used as a clean room
Panel PU has been used as a clean room
Panel PU has been used as a clean room
Panel PU has been used as a clean room

6. TYT VIETNAM-reputable panel supplier

Nearly 20 years working in the construction field, TYT Vietnam and Javta factory have been affirming the quality of products and services in the hearts of customers. Our panel products has been present throughout the large and small projects across the country such as TNG Thai Nguyen Garment Factory, ITM Bac Ninh Factory, Sao Viet Mechanical Factory…The panels also provide a solution against heat, noise canceling for many Vietnamese families.

Project sustainability and customer satisfaction is always the motivation for us to work harder every day. TYT Vietnam hopes to provide panels for more projects, bring sustainable values to the community.

Please contact us for detailed advice!

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