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Industrial PU JAVTA 3 layers 5 wave roofing sheet is designed with a positive wave height of 32mm, has water-cut edges, large positive wave peaks and feet (25/90mm) to help increase the product’s rigidity. Increase the ability to overflow water, reduce noise and withstand large impact forces.



JAVTA consists of 3 layers: Color coat

ed corrugated iron, PU, corrugated iron/ PP paper/ Alufil paper.

5 waves PU Javta roofing sheet consists of 3 layers

Corrugated iron/ stainless steel/ aluminum

Corrugated iron sheet is processed corrugated from galvanized steel products, color coated aluminum zinc meets Japanese industrial standard JIS G3312-G3322; Australian standard AS 2728; European standard EN 10169. With 5 layers of industrial waves with a height of 32mm, higher than similar products on the market combined with water-cutting edges, anti-opening rims to increase spill resistance and create tenacity and certainty for the protective layer.

Especially, the drainage ditch of the 3-layer 5-corrugated roofing sheet is very large suitable for buildings and factories with large roof aperture and small roof slope.

Second layer: Sound insulation, heat insulation PU

The PU layer we choose is the most high quality sound and heat insulation material today has sound insulation, heat insulation properties with high performance, environmental friendliness, no harm to humans.

Javta PU sheet is sprayed with high proportion and pressed to adhere the entire surface between 2 layers of corrugated iron or between corrugated board and PP / Alufil paper.

PU layer has sound insulation, heat insulation properties

Outstanding advantages:

  • Lowest coefficient of heat conductivity, good sound insulation properties.
  • Anti-humidity and water absorption
  • High durability and no pollution to the environment
  • Simple installation, shorten construction schedule, reduce costs

Third layer: Flat corrugated board/PP paper/Alufil paper

Flat corrugated iron/PP paper/Alufil paper increase the aesthetics of the installation space, increase product life.

As the inner layer of the roofing sheet is not directly affected by the environment, this layer is quite suitable using silver paper or Alufil paper. Besides, we can use flat corrugated iron sheets to increase durability, certainty and increase fire resistance for the construction.


Simulation how to assemble 5 waves PU Javta roofing sheet

Industrial 5-wave PU profile:

  • 5-wave corrugated iron layer.
  • Polyurethane layer.
  • lower surface corrugated iron layer.

Assembling 2 heads of 5-wave plate:

  • The first 5 waves PU Javta roofing sheet.
  • The second 5 waves PU Javta roofing sheet.


  • Insulation, anti-noise, anti-fire

The roofing sheet has insulation ability and resist heat because the Pu core layer has high insulation ability capacity for current construction. Even cold-resistant roofing sheets are the right choice for cold climates like the North in Vietnam in the winter.

The thermal chamber is kept at a constant temperature at 50°C-60°C; combined with spraying a mixture of many materials by a specialized PU injection machine creates an even layer of PU with very good sound insulation, heat insulation, and fire resistance.

PU Javta 5 waves bring effective solutions against heat, noise, and fire

Anti-opening hem (3 layers 2 sides corrugated iron) designed according to the standard helps increase rigidity, fire resistance of products as well as constructions.

  • Anti-spill, withstand great pressure

The product has 5 high positive waves, with water cut ledge and wide drainage ditch makes drainage capacity, prevent water overflow extremely well.

Special design with 32mm high wave foot, large wave foot help increase the product’s certainty, reduce noise, excellent load-bearing and compression resistance.

Structure of 3 layers, 2 sides of corrugated iron with anti-opening hem, corrugated iron thickness from 0.3 – 0.6mm helps increase longevity, increase aesthetics and increase spill resistance.

Refer: 5 waves PU Javta roofing sheet – Solution to prevent roof heat

  • Fast construction, saving cost

Reduce material and construction costs by the ability to allows the design of purlins at larger distances but still ensure the quality of the construction.

Roofing thickness and flexible length depend on the order, shipping and installation conditions allowed by the customer.

Product is easy to transport, save cost of purlin and installation labor.


Ordinal number Classify Unit Method Result
1 Basic structural components Corrugated iron+PU+PP/Alufil/Flat corrugated iron
First layer (Steel)
2 Corrugated board thickness mm 0.30/0.35/0.4/0.45/0.50/0.55/0.6
3 Corrugated iron color According to the company’s color chart
4 Number of waves (positive waves) wave JAVTA technical standards 5
5 Positive wave height mm JAVTA technical standards 32±1
6 Galvanized background corrugated iron/aluminum zinc JIS G3312-G3322 standard
7 Coefficient of thermal conductivity w/m°C 7194-2000 0,028
8 Product size mm 1080mm
9 Effective size mm 1000mm
Second layer (PU)
10 PU proportion kg/m³ Vietnam standard 187-1986 35±3
11 Moisture absorption rate % Vietnam standard 359-70 0,38
12 Soundproofing ability dB Average frequency of the octave band 27,5
13 Load capacity kg/cm² JAVTA technical standards 3,8
14 Water absorption rate % Vietnam standard 6530 0,74
15 PU layer thickness mm JAVTA technical standards 16/20/40/50/60…/100
Third layer PP paper/Alufil paper/Flat corrugated iron


  • 3 layers 5 waves PU Javta roofing sheet is being used popular and widely, with sound insulation, heat insulation.
  • Used for civil roofing: houses, schools, hospitals, public constructions, culture houses, work offices, resorts.
  • In addition, it is also used for roofing of factories, factories, pre-engineered building, storehouse…

Refer: here

Factory roof with 5 waves PU Javta roofing sheet

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